Mobile Development

Launching a mobile application deserves perfection and hence, we use cutting edge mobile technology to build robust applications for your business.


Android Apps

Using technologies that have been created and honed by Google, our android developers will ensure that your app performs at the top of the platform’s capability and has looks to match. Our primary tech stack for android development has always been Java with Kotlin framework. We make sure that all our apps comply with the design guidelines set by Google.

iOS Apps

Powered by native tech stack i.e. Swift and Xcode, our team of iOS App developers offer applications with scalability, safety, innovative designs, and robustness. Our end goal is to see your revenue grow and consequently, our partnership flourish.

Hybrid Applications

We can also offer great deals for companies looking for POC and rapidly launching an MVP in the market through the use of hybrid development tools such as React Native and Flutter. Hybrid Applications are all the rage in the new millennial era due to its code re-usability feature across platforms. So we at Gokyo, have also hopped on the wonderful world of hybrid development.